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We build meaningful relationships with the couples we work with, recognizing the importance of trust and commitment in creating an exceptional wedding experience. Lead photographer Shauntelle and her team of talented photographers work seamlessly to capture every moment, from the anticipation of getting ready to the excitement of the grand exit.


A California native, Shauntelle Sposto has been serving the wedding industry for over 20 years. Her collaborative approach ensures that each photograph is not just a reflection of her expertise but also a mirror of the unique love story unfolding before her camera. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, she embraces the diversity of each wedding, adapting her style to complement the personalities and preferences of her clients. With an extensive portfolio of destination work in the luxury market, Shauntelle is not merely a photographer but a custodian of memories. Her images transcend trends, and In a world where wedding photography is an art of its own, Shauntelle's name resonates as a beacon of excellence, where every frame is an invitation to relive the magic of the day.

Heirlooms & Meaningful Details

Heirlooms infuse the wedding story with a sense of timeless continuity, linking the present to cherished family legacies. Whether it’s a vintage ring, a passed-down veil, or a weathered photo frame, these treasures enrich the visual narrative with layers of history and sentimental value.

Inspired Floral Design

Intricate arrangements, vibrant colors and delicate blooms not only compliment a couple’s style but provide a visually enchanting backdrop allowing us to capture moments infused with the natural beauty and romance that floral design brings to a wedding celebration.

Meaningful Connections

We are storytellers of emotion and your chemistry is the main character. Shared smiles, stolen glances and the electricity of a couple’s connection in an unplanned moment is our biggest inspiration. 

Picturesque Destinations

Capturing a couple’s love story against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes is the ultimate inspiration. Whether it be a sweeping view of the sea, or a small town nestled in the mountains, we are so inspired by the incredible locations we have had the opportunity to document.

Texture & Balance

Documenting details intentionally is a skill we value. Styling and photographing items like your wedding invitation that may not have a space to be showcased on your wedding day helps tell your wedding day story from beginning to end.

Picture-Perfect Food & Drink

More than just a culinary delight, a carefully curated menu becomes integral in the visual narrative of the guest experience on a wedding day.


Fashion often sets the tone for an event. It influences the style of shooting, posing, and offers creative cues to inspire our artistry on a wedding day. 

Candid Moments

The in-between moments are the heartbeat of visual storytelling offering a raw and genuine glimpse into the emotions of the day. These unscripted moments, filled with laughter, tears, and spontaneity become the essence of your wedding day story and our ultimate source of inspiration.

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